What kind of praises Rome has not heard in its address - the “eternal city”, “the cradle of civilization”, “all roads lead” here and a myriad of architectural masterpieces are stored here. But in my article I will express an unpopular opinion about one of the most visited capitals in Europe. Contrary to all my expectations, Rome did not become love either at the first, or at the second, or even at the third sight. Rome turned out to be a city for me for once. What is wrong with Rome?! Now I'll tell you.

испанская лестница

In the English language, there is a word "crowded" that best describes Rome. Tourist crowds are absolutely everywhere. To get to any attraction, you need to endure an incredibly long line. I waited in a 30-minute queue just to put my hand in the famous Mouth of Truth Mouth of Truth for 10 seconds. Considering that the Colosseum and Roman Forum are more famous attractions, waiting in line for them is significantly longer. Even if you have a tour scheduled, it will certainly expedite the queue process, but not by much.

And by the way, approach the purchase of tickets to various attractions responsibly and in advance. Tickets even out of season sold out a week in advance.

And with all this mass of tourists, Rome does not have the necessary infrastructure at all. There are toilets, but they are few, it is not easy to find them, and they are all free of charge. Forget all the tips about McDonald's and hotel lobbies. There are no toilets in the halls, and at McDonald's there are no less queues for the toilet than at the Colosseum.

Walking around Rome, be prepared to constantly fend off annoying "bracelet givers". They will give you these decorations supposedly for free, and then tell you how hard life is for their families in Africa. Believe me, you can only get rid of them by paying them. Do not listen this lie, and do not even start a conversation with them and certainly do not accept gifts.

Some of the sights were also disappointing. For example, all guidebooks in Rome talk about the absolutely amazing sights of Torre Argentina. The site is a ruin that is still being excavated. Even at the very beginning, stray cats appeared on the excavation site. They began to feed them and over time they founded a whole community of more than 200 fluffies there. The city took them under guardianship, every year an item of expenses for food and a caretaker is laid in the budget. Seals and ruins sound cool, I just couldn't miss it. In reality, there were at most five seals on the ruins. You can’t go down to them, you won’t be able to pet them, and you won’t be able to wander through the ruins either ... In general, a complete disappointment.

As for cafes and restaurants, then there are pitfalls. Not all cafes and restaurants are good, but this is understandable. Don't be fooled by the location and crowds. Cafes and restaurants in the center are packed with visitors, but not all of them serve delicious pizza and pasta. Here, cooking is often on stream, desserts are imported, and the service is lame. Everyone is well aware that the influx of new tourists does not dry out and they do not really try to keep the brand. Of course, there are completely opposite places. In order not to be disappointed, use the reviews on the Internet, in 90% of cases they are very objective.

But it's not all that bad. Even with my bad impressions, Rome is definitely a city that you must visit. And had I known all of this beforehand, I would still have gone to see Rome with my own eyes, walk along the famous hills, enjoy morning cappuccino with a view of the Fountain of Four Rivers, visit the elegant Pantheon and majestic Castel Sant'Angelo, leisurely stroll along the riverbank of the Tiber, and taste the cookies in the Jewish Ghetto. Rome is unique, attractive, it breathes history and is undoubtedly an important part of world heritage.

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1 thought on “Будьте осторожны: почему Рим может оказаться не таким, как вы ожидали.

  1. Согласна с авторкой статьи. Мне Рим тоже показался слишком многолюдным, хотя в нём безусловно есть шарм.

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