Krasnaya Polyana is a resort that came into prominence in February 2014, marking the beginning of its illustrious history. A few years prior, it was essentially a blank slate. Although Krasnaya Polyana had several hotels before 2007, it couldn't be called a ski resort. Today, it boasts two urban-type settlements, several resorts with hotels of all categories, a gambling zone with a casino, a modern and extensive network of lifts, and convenient transportation to the sea and beaches. In this article, I'll provide you with a guide to leisure in the world-famous Krasnaya Polyana, detailing what to do, what to see, and where to stroll.

The hotel offerings in Krasnaya Polyana are diverse, ranging from the Rose Khutor and the former Gorki Gorod, now Krasnaya Polyana, to luxurious hotels like Marriott, Rixos, Grand Hotel Polyana, Polyana 1389, and, of course, numerous 3-4* hotels. Additionally, in the settlements of Estosadok and Krasnaya Polyana, there are many options for renting apartments and houses on a daily basis. In the high season, every accommodation is occupied, and there's literally no room to spare.

пача мама альпаки

Apart from the obvious activities for a ski resort, such as snowboarding and skiing, Krasnaya Polyana offers a rich choice of après-ski activities. The Galaktika sports complex is ready to entertain you with its water park and pools. On the main square of Rosa Khutor and Krasnaya Polyana (formerly Gorki Gorod), there is nightly entertainment for adults and children. Let's not forget about the cinema in the Gorki Mall shopping center and its entertainment zone with children's gaming machines. And, of course, there's a casino for those who haven't had their fill of adrenaline on the slopes. To cap it all off, there are various excursions to waterfalls, the alpaca park "Pacha Mama," the husky nursery, and the Museum of Russian Homestead. Krasnaya Polyana is a champion of entertainment.

эсто садок

Had enough of the mountains? No problem, take a direct and comfortable Lastochka electric train to the sea in Sochi. Wander around the Olympic Park, the legendary dendrarium, observe birds in the ornithological park, or simply enjoy the waves while strolling along the embankment.

красная поляна кафе

As for gastronomy, Krasnaya Polyana is rich in cafes and restaurants offering a variety of cuisines. For budget-friendly meals, there are several cafeterias and coffee shops. Coffee lovers will appreciate the variety of coffee shops and their assortments.

You can't just leave Krasnaya Polyana without souvenirs. In addition to the obvious magnets, postcards, mugs, and plates, I recommend paying attention to the branded Krasnaya Polyana cosmetics and teas. An excellent and useful gift for loved ones.

In conclusion, talking about Krasnaya Polyana can take a long time, or better yet, watch the video I made for you during my trip. After watching, give me a like and start planning your own trip to this amazing place, which became known thanks to the Olympics but has grown beyond that fame and matured into its own popularity. I am sincerely glad that the resort did not remain just a legacy of the Olympic Games; it has become an exemplar of the world capital of ski tourism.

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